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Digital Maps Now Utilized By Ambulance

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In a recent meeting that was held by the board members of the Nodaway County Ambulance District, they have decided on another important decision that will improve the health care services in the form of digital maps which will be used by the drivers of their ambulance vehicles.

In an attempt to start the digitalization, the county has purchased six units of iPads that comes with OtterBox cases. The approval was given by the Midwest Computer located in Platte City and the total purchase bill was $4,121.94 which is said to be lowest of all the bids submitted.

During the meeting which was held last month, the board had already talked about the option of using a program for the electronic mapping which was developed by Midland GIS. The developer is also the same administrator that is serving the 911 hotline in the county. The recommendation came from Rex Wallace who is the current assessor of the Nodaway County. As of the moment, the crews of the ambulance are using printed plat map book. There was a recent incident wherein the north county residence that is located near Wilcox has been plotted in the wrong location on the map. It caused a distress call after the ambulance has to travel back to the right location thereby doubling the usual response time.

The district staffs of the ambulance are now under training headed by the Midland GIS on how to use the new program. Once they have completed the training, the iPads will then be placed in every ambulance used by the county.

According to Bill Florea who is the current District Manager of Operations of the Nodaway County Ambulance, the digital map will help the crew to pinpoint the location more accurately. Every address on has a representative dot on the map which pinpoints to the exact location of the building or place.

Florae also shared how it is before the introduction of the plat book. The situation was much worse because the passenger have to check on a large map illustration of the county while it is opened on the vehicle’s dash board to be used as reference day and night in order to get to the right location.


Will The Halving Result To Fewer Miners?

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The bitcoin system will cease to operate if not for the most important task which is the mining. Mining is the process of putting additional transaction records into the public ledger of the bitcoin network. The ledger is consists of many blocks that represents the transactions and all of these blocks are connected in a chain. The chain of blocks is what made up one of the most widely popular technological innovation of this generation – Blockchain.

In order for a block to be marked as valid, it must have proof that work has been done on the block. The bitcoin employs the hashcash function as a proof on each of the processed block. The main goal of the process is to gain an incentive from the current resource as well as make it difficult to process. The protocol also gives reward to miners who have processed and complete a block as a form of reward. In the beginning, the reward is one way of sending out coins to public and enters it into a circulation. This is needed to be done since there is no central body that is authorized to circulate the digital currency.

Aside from the block reward, there is also additional transaction fee that is paid if the user chooses to. As the numbers of users that are doing business with bitcoins increases, the blocks eventually become full and when that time comes, the transaction that has the highest fees will be the first on the list. This is done in order to give excellent service to users that are paying higher compared to others. With this continued process, the cycle of mining continues to be funded. The only problem is that as of the moment, the average of transaction fees are less than half of a bitcoin for each block.

Miners knows how bitcoin mining works and they understand that while the reward is able to cover the fees, there will come a time that the bitcoins sent out as incentive will decrease in supply – for every 210,00 blocks, halving occurs.


Satoshi Nakamoto: The Secret Identity Of Bitcoin’s Creator

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Bitcoin has been around since 2009 and has grown beautifully ever since. Back when it was first introduced, no one really knew what the future holds for the up-and-coming digital currency. While there were those were sceptical about Bitcoin, there are also those who supported it.

If you followed every single article the media had posted regarding how ‘Bitcoin is dead’, you would’ve probably have lost count already. Luckily, Bitcoin is always there to prove the media wrong. Six years ago, Bitcoin was only valued at a few cents but now, it has grown rather beautifully with a value of $645 to one bitcoin. While the future of Bitcoin remains difficult to predict owing to its volatility, with the way it is going, it is safe to assume that Bitcoin will stick around in the future or you can even say that the future belong to Bitcoin.

People who are still new to Bitcoin often have lots of questions they want answered such as “how does Bitcoin work?” or “what is blockchain and the bitcoin network?” Experts would be able to easily answer these questions but if there is one question about Bitcoin that remains to be answered today it would probably be about Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Just who exactly is Satoshi Nakamoto? Everyone knows he invented the Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto invented the bitcoin protocol and published a paper through the Cryptography Mailing List back in 2008. Afterwards, he released the first version of the bitcoin software client in 2009 and worked with several people on the project. But he never really bothered telling the world about his identity, making sure nobody knew about it.

By 2010, he started fading out of the Bitcoin scene and in 2011 he said he was moving onto other things.

Up till now, his identity is still a secret. While his name is definitely Japanese, it is highly likely that the person behind the name is not. There is even no guarantee that this person is male. There had been a number of names linked to Satoshi Nakamoto but in the end, all people can really do is guess.