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A Simple Guide To Hiring A Painter And Decorator

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Conducting a home improvement project is great for your house. Not only will you help in keeping your house strong and beautiful, you’ll also be able to increase your house’s value which can help you when you decide to sell it in the future. Just the thought of repainting or redecorating the house, or even a particular room, can send a person reeling with excitement. You could either conduct the work yourself or if you think that the task is too much for you, you can always hire professional painters and decorators to help you out.

Painters and decorators can offer a number of services. Their services range from providing painting jobs in both interior and exterior surfaces, hanging wall coverings, treatment of wood surfaces and even simple home repairs. If you are worried about the costs of hiring a painter or decorator, you should know that the costs are dependent on the extent of the work you have for them to do. If you just want wallpapers for a small bathroom in your house, it might just cost a fraction of the price for performing a paint job on the interior of a four-bedroom house. In terms of efficiency, expertise and skill, going for professional help will be the better investment.

If you don’t know where to find a good painting and decorating company, why not seek advice or referral from someone you know who recently gotten work done on their house. If not, you can also seek out trade associations because they usually provide a list of capable painters and decorators. Hiring a member of a trade association can also be very beneficial to you since you can be sure that the company is highly capable and qualified for the work. Look for insurance, references, permits and licenses because they are important qualities that your choice should have.

Once you have chosen a painter or decorator, the next thing you should do is schedule a meet up, preferably at your place so that they would be able to measure the work that is needed to be done.

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Tree Removal Price Guide: Pricing Factors & Additional Costs

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After you have gone through the average costs of the different tree removal services like large tree removal, branch removal, oak or pine tree removal, you would then probably ask how they were priced and what factors were used to determine the prices? Also, you may also probably want to know about additional services and how much they would cost.


  • The most critical factor for pricing tree removal is the tree’s size or overall height. The taller or the bigger the tree, the more expensive the removal will be.
  • The condition of the tree also heavily affects the prices. If the tree’s condition is good and if it is healthy, they would be tougher, stronger and more difficult to remove. Thus they would be priced higher. However, if the condition is frail, decaying or diseased, then the tree would be removed easier and prices would be lower. If you think you are being overpriced, refer to the condition of the tree and negotiate with the service company.
  • The tree trunk’s diameter will also be a basis for the pricing. You will be paying more for a thicker tree even if they are shorter than with a taller but thinner tree.
  • If the tree is located far away from the house or anything that could get damaged, the removal would be easier and thus less costly. Liability will also be at play here.


  • Stump Removal. While this may be considered a basic service, it is mostly not included in the estimates because the equipment to be used is different. That is why if you don’t pay extra for stump removal, you might be left with a stump. Stump removal would cost from $60 and $350 or £42 and £
  • Limb Chipping. If you choose to have the limbs chipped than hauled away, you would pay around $75 or £52 or more.
  • Tree Trunk. This would cost around $50 (£35) and $100 (£70). You can also choose to have them trunk hauled away.
  • Travel Expenses. If the company would have to drive a long distance, you would have to pay extra for travel costs.
  • Log Splitting. This would be a good service if you have a fireplace at home. Log splitting would cost around $75 (£52) or more.

Prices would still vary from company to company that is why it is important that you choose a reputable company like Ark Fencing and Treework in order to avoid getting overpriced or receiving faulty service.