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Actress Kristanna Loken Sells One Of Her Luxury Cottages

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One more property has just been added to the market for luxury cottages of celebrities. Actress and model Kristanna Loken is marketing her Cape Cod home for $950,000.

Kristanna Loken’s home is found in 517 Delaware Rd, Burbank, California 91504. It contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is 2,626 square feet wide. The classic home was built in the year 1948. It has an England impression making it ideal for an Englander living in California. Real estate agent Eric Benz said the house has a different feel aside from the usual Southern California homes. According to him, it can be felt as soon as you enter the place.

The Property’s Design
The driveway of the Burbank home has a cobblestone design structure. The property is lavishly ventilated by a 25-pane bay window and twin dormers which light the bedrooms on the second floor. The home stands out among other luxury cottages because of its unique circular flooring design. The flooring is also wood paneled making the property warm and cozy. The home’s design is both classic and stylish.

The Rooms

The cottage features a formal but chic dining room design. The couple of bathrooms are traditionally tiled with claw foot bathtubs. The kitchen has laid-back furnishings that convey a cooling ambience. Kitchen structures consist of green cupboards and checkered walls. The interior architecture of the living room features a traditionally assembled mantled furnace. The living room is spacious and can be easily redesigned to suit the owner’s needs. It is an ideal den for book lovers because of its wood-wall structure.

The Surroundings
The place has a lush garden to compliment the property. The garden boasts a champagne grape vine, a matured fig tree and a shade tree. Fresh air from the Eastern seaboard can be experienced whilst on the property. The balcony also overlooks a mountainous landscape.

Kristanna Loken is popularly known for her roles in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”, and “Lime Salted Love”. She also starred in some TV shows such as “Painkiller Jane” and “The L Word.” She was raised in an upstate farm in New York. She is an American artist who has a projected net worth of $4 million dollars.