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Forecast For The Paper And Paperboard Packaging Market

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What can packaging firms like Paper Mart expect in the near future? After the economic slowdown from 2007 to 2009, paper and paperboard packaging markets is showing a slight growth. The market for paper and paperboard packaging is projected to reach at least $213.4 billion by 2020 and a CAGR of 3.5% from 2015 to 2020.

The European region accounts for approximately 33% of the total market share value and closely followed by the North American and Asia Pacific regions. The Asia Pacific region particular China and India is estimated to gain the fastest growth during the review period because of the increase in demand for convenience food and better healthcare and personal products. The growth of the market is also related to the increasing population and the growth of disposable income among the citizens in the region.

Paper and paperboard packaging is an end-user oriented market. It is growing in accordance with packaging industry. It is mostly driven by consumer preferences for eco-friendly packaging solutions due to the increasing problems of landfills. Other packaging materials like plastic and metal are non-biodegradable or degrade very slowly that is why most manufacturers have switched to paper and paperboard packaging. Concerns over the ecosystem and animal habitat are the main reasons that are driving the packaging industry to come up with innovative solutions that are more convenient to their customers.

The eco-friendly appeal of paper has penetrated global packaging. In the last decade, the packaging industry has experienced innovations in design and technological advancements. Paper and paperboard packaging has captured new segments like frozen foods, multi-pack beverage holders and recycled paperboard for dry food packaging and healthcare products.

However, there is fierce competition in the paper and paperboard packaging industry because of the entry of a large number of players. In order to ensure their presence in the market, they key strategies used by most market players include new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and expansions.

The market research report is annually published by Markets and Markets that specializes in business research across high growth markets, cutting edge technologies and newer applications.


Protect Your Electric Fence From Criminals

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In South Africa, crime is a concern since it is a very common thing and criminals are not easily apprehended that is why it is necessary to have fencing installations. Hertfordshire is also one of those places where residents acquire the services of fencing contractors. This article is for those who want to make their homes safer and advices are provided by security experts. Though many South Africans have fencing installations done on their properties, their electric fences are still easily invaded by criminals.

Not all electric fences’ designs are flawless and most of them have loopholes that criminals can easily learn and bypass.

Riaan Coetzee, a security expert, discussed some of the most common reasons why criminals can get into properties. The first and foremost reason is that the electric fence is either switched off or the system is out of order. When this happens, criminals can easily climb over the fence and invade into the property.
Coetzee also said that criminals are smart that’s why they know how to listen to that click-click tone the electric fence used to make when it is powered on. The absence of the sound means the system is turned off. Another sign of a broken system are wires all over the area.

According to Roy Botha, one of the tricks the criminals do is hitting one or more of the insulators that are located inside the bracket. They also use wood and strike the wires of the electric fence to break some of it. After doing this, they run back and wait for any response inside the property. Once the alarm has turned off and no response came then they break into the property.

Others use rubber mats or floor mats over the fence to serve as protection while they climb over. This trick can be easily apprehended if the electric fence is installed properly. This trick does not work as often because a good fencing system will easily detect anything that weighs down the fence.

One of the tricks that have been done and fail all the time is cutting the fence with the help of a crocodile clip. The cutter will either receive an electric shock or the alarm will be triggered at one point.


Orange Ribbon For IDAHOT And Fight Against Gender Discrimination

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The world has truly progressed in a unique yet very beautiful way. This comes in all sizes especially with the gender issues nowadays. Many may have the ‘Homophobia’ case, Biphobia or even the Transphobia case, however, many are against this discrimination. Homophobia is the fear against homosexuals. To symbolize the support for this case, IDAHOT also known as the ‘International Day Against Homophobia’ was initiated all throughout the world. In the Police Station in Dyfed Powys, the officers strengthen their show of support with the orange ribbon movement.

The orange ribbon worn by police officers in the indicated areas is a sign of their full support against homophobia cases. They indicate that they fully believe there should be an equality regarding gender. Whether one is a lesbian or gay, they believe that they should have equal standing in the society and they shouldn’t be treated inappropriately. The orange ribbon signifies the Zero Tolerance against Homophobia and to stop it.

The manager of the force also implicated that the Awareness ribbons relays a very optimistic message about equality and that crime that shows hate in regards to gender wouldn’t be operated by their police station. To strengthen this claim of theirs, they are also accepting calls regarding cases like this.

The Dyfed Powys also indicated that although the ribbon was worn for the IDAHOT, members could still wore them every day if they want to continuously show their support against discrimination of genders. An amazing site to be hold will also happen as the prestigious Rainbow Flag will also soar the skies from the Dyfed Powys Station as well as other police stations within their area.

The ribbon awareness added with the flying of the rainbow flag will further raise awareness to people that there’s an existing movement regarding ‘hate crimes’ or gender discrimination. If you are from the area, you could contact them immediately. If you’re not, you could contact the police station regarding your case. The IDAHOT is an International Day which encompass worldwide, whether you’re a homosexual or not, as long as you are against this kind of discrimination, you could show your support by joining the orange ribbon movement as well.


Take Your Cat Anywhere With This New Hoodie

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If there is one thing that people cannot resist, it would probably anything that is cute. People always have a heart for cute things and nothing can be cuter than small furry animals and one Japanese pet supply company has definitely made use of that human weakness by designing a hoodies that will enable you to bring your cat or any other small furry pet with you at all times.

Humans have been wearing hooded sweatshirts, or most commonly known as hoodies, for over centuries now. It has become a part of human culture and as people, particularly the youth, continue to evolve, so does their manner of clothing.

Hoodies are fashionable. They look good to wear no matter if they are designed after a TV show like My Little Pony or if they have plain designs. Hoodies will naturally make a person look better while also providing that comfort and warmth during cold weathers.

Now, hoodies can finally be used to carry your pets along with you and it is all thanks to the folks at a Japanese pet supply company called Unihabitat.
Unihabitat has recently unveiled their new product. With the nature of this new hoodies, it is sure to find favor among people who deem themselves inseparable with their pets. The new product is called a Mewgaroo Hoodie and it features a pouch that is specially designed for keeping and carrying small pets like cats and dogs. The pouch also has the capacity to keep the pet warm, safe and cozy.

But if you think that is the only thing special with this new hoodie, then you may be mistaken. The Mewgaroo Hoodie also has sewn-on cat ears in the hood and also has paw pads that give you the cute appearance of a cat.

If you think you may face a shedding problem, you do not need to worry because the pouch can be detached for you to be able to clean the shed fur.

Unfortunately though, the product page of the new Mewgaroo Hoodie only caters to Japanese speakers for now. But you can also anticipate that it will be open for other people as well.