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Diet By HCG Drops: How It Can Be Done?

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HCG drops contain human chronic gonadotropin which can be found in a woman’s placenta during the beginning stages of her pregnancy. Its main purpose? Let’s put it this way. The HCG serves as the baby’s best friend. It guides it while it’s inside the mother’s womb. Nowadays, HCG is being employed as a weight-reduction method too especially for health-conscious people. Many testimonials and different claims have been made in the Internet, suggesting HCG’s effectiveness in reducing someone’s weight at a significant rate. However, some are worried about the possible side effects it may cause to someone who is employing this specific kind of dietary method. In fact, some of this side effect can cause women who are already pregnant, experience a more tiring, stressful and uncomfortable pregnancy and that alone is dangerous not just to the mother but to the baby as well. However, there are still some who are willing to take the risk and employ this dietary method despite the dangers it can cause.

Now, dieting with the aid of HCG drops has a process you need to follow diligently. And before employing this method, you need to consult with your doctor to make sure you and your body can handle each phase of the process because if you go on without proper advice from the experts, the complications that side effects can cause to your body, are catastrophically unhealthy. Now, if you have done enough consultations with the experts and they said that you can and you will handle the process, below are the phases of dieting using HCG:

  • You will take in the drops while eating excessively fatty foods. This is to make your metabolism restart itself upon the arrival of HCG into the system.
  • You will now have a low-calorie diet which will make the system produce better results in terms of weight loss at a surprisingly raid rate.
  • Third phase of the process is about balancing the diet. Make sure you are not losing too much calorie because you still calories to function.
  • Last phase of the process is about maintenance. This means you are good to continue employing dieting using HCG drops.