$2.98M 2015 Budget Gets Approval From Norwich Council

Welcoming the 2015, Norwich Township Council initiates a draft, giving approval to the budget that will act as capital of the township for this year, 2015. The project includes about $3 Million in purchases and projects topping a stunning impact of $764,500 budget. This will be their budget in Paving Norwich a better future.

Norwich has experienced quite a few accidents within their pavements, and so, most of the budget will deal with Paving Norwich better roads and streets. It was presented on January 29, 2015, that the biggest material on the list of the project will fall under the road constructions. However, what follows it on the list are also big projects like, completing the unfinished municipal building and new items and equipment for their firefighting group.

Most of the funding that are on the budget will be squeezed out from reserve funds which Norwich has managed to accumulate over the years. Here are some of the changes included in the list of plans for the road construction project mentioned above:

• $25,000 of the budget will fall on reconstructing sidewalks which became a hot topic due to compensations lead from occasional trips and falls of pedestrians.

• The Burgess Street will experience an extension dubbed as ‘Burgessville’ where $25,000 will be allocated for it.

• ‘John’ Street will also be experiencing the reconstruction with an astounding $390,000 budget. The $390,000 budget is squeezed from the impact tax of about $350,000 while the remaining $40,000 will be squeezed from the reserve funds of the council.

• The Quaker street will also be involved in some serious reconstruction. It will be Pulverized first, then paved anew. The Street is located 13 County Road Eastern side. The budget for this project totals $457,000. The $147,000 will come from the reserve funds while the remaining $310,000 will come from grants. There will be no impact tax for the project which saves it from further payments.

• A $50,000 budget will also be reserved for future bridge reconstructions.
The Council is also expecting to save from fuel and asphalt this year, which may possibly give them an additional project that will help them extend distances of their project in Quaker Street. The reserve funds are also amazingly huge as they were also used to buy the equipment for the projects:

• $62,000 on trailer and paver of asphalt.

• $190,000 on truck with plow and sole axle dump.

• $5,000 for level of laser.