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The Changing Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

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For many homeowners, their objective in refurbishing the kitchen is to create a gathering room for the family. When remodeling the master bathroom, it is very apparent that the upgrade is meant to create a private and personal space that is suitable for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Annual Houzz Bathroom Study provides homeowners with a national perspective on bathroom remodeling. According to a study of bathroom remodeling in 2015, majority of renovated bathrooms have retained their original size; however, 67% of those who were surveyed have expanded the size of their shower rooms during the upgrade of the master bathroom.

For 87% of those who were surveyed, their focus is aesthetics and style with 41% having a strong preference for spa-like bathroom designs. National studies like the one made by houzz.com are meant to gauge what people want but on the part of local experts it is the best way to determine how local bathrooms compare with the rest of the nation.

According to Jill Johnson, manager of KSI’s showroom in Ann Arbor, people nowadays want their bathrooms to be relaxing, soothing and peaceful like a spa. They usually install large showers with multiple showerheads. In most instances, the homeowners get rid of the bath and replace it with a big walk-in shower.

Gone are the days when homeowners would use gray, white or earth tones because they have become quite comfortable with a variety of colors that reflect their personality. While ceramic porcelain tiles are still the favorite choice for shower walls, most of the upgrades reflect the trends mentioned by Houzz study.

While granite and marble are still popular choices for countertops, quartz is becoming a preferred option because of the variety of colors and it resists staining better. While free-standing soaking baths are still trendy, it is not always practical because they can cost as much as $4,000 to $5,000.

One thing is for certain in bathroom renovations, homeowners cannot resist vanity units because it enhances the functionality of the space. It ensures that everything you need is on hand while making sure that the bathroom ambience becomes more stylish, elegant and luxurious.

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Funeral Directors Take On Gun Violence And How They Cope

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Funeral home directors may be used to facing deceased but they shared how they are feeling as everyone else when it comes to the rampant homicides happening and ending the lives of a number of young men residing in Birmingham.

According to the pastor of Liberty Baptist Church located in West Blocton, Korie J. Anderson, as a child of God, they cannot fathom how hard it is for a parent to be the one burying their own child. The sentiment is expressed by the pastor who also happens to be a licensed funeral director working for Aubrey Bushelon Funeral Directing and Cremation located in East Birmingham. He added that he is sad of the fact that such young lives are taken suddenly and he is bothered by the lengths people will go to just because of senseless reasons.

The president and owner of Arrington Funeral Home Inc., Rachel Arrington, also shared her sentiments and expressed that the killings are not only senseless but it also continues to happen in even higher number of incidents. She is now wondering why the killings continue to happen. The events might not be happening to her personally but in a community where everyone knows everyone, she is more concerned than ever. Despite her job and the title she carries, she is adamant to express than any human being with compassion and care will be able to know that the killings are senseless.

The Davenport and Harros Funeral Home’s president, Marion Sterling, admitted that she has never in his profession such young bodies covered with bullets. The victims are only between 15 and 17 years old which are still young. He now questions the effect it has on the spirit of those who have witnessed such crimes.

For the last three years, Birmingham’s homicides have increased by 80 per cent. Since 2006, the city is now almost to three digits in record of the number of crimes. Statistics from the Birmingham Police Department revealed that in 2016 there were 92 homicides while there were only 51 in 2014. These killings are the reason why funeral home directors are bothered and concerned. This is not surprising because a funeral director in Rockingham would also feel the same way if it were to happen in the community.

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Are You Sure Your Strata Scheme Is Legit?

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It seems that thousands of strata schemes across the New South Wales (NSW) could be responsible for the underpayment and exploitation of foreign workers in cleaning contracts for apartment blocks. It is suggested that some strata cleaning firms are employing overseas students, workers on temporary visas and illegal over stayers in Australia at below-minimum wage rates. This is a concern as these workers probably do not know they are being exploited or are afraid to voice out due to fear of losing their income and jobs, or risk being deported back to their home countries. Not only that, penalty rates for these strata cleaning companies are non-existent and their workers’ compensation insurance and tax status are also questionable.

The worst part about this situation is that strata owners are indirectly but actively contributing to this situation as by it is normal for building committees to spend as little as possible on levies. Thus, choosing the cleaning contract that promises the best service for the lowest cost would be the obvious choice. However, if something were to happen or if authorities were to check on the legality of the hired cleaning services, the one who is ultimately responsible is not the strata cleaning service nor the building manager, but the owners of the strata units within the building.

As the building committee acts as your representative to engage a strata cleaning company in Sydney, for example, the company may be legitimate and professional in the service they provide. But, they could also be a company that may not be following all the rules. Some legitimate professional companies involved in strata cleaning in Sydney are even puzzled by how they could be undercut in contracts by offers with charges and services that don’t add up. Furthermore, it is unsure if they have insurance coverage. It is important that these companies have all the proper insurance covered for each individual cleaner as you wouldn’t want to be responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur. So, as a responsible owner of strata units in your building, it is best to be aware and insist that the building committee gets all the necessary insurance and accreditations of the strata cleaning companies they employ to ensure that they are not hiring or exploiting people illegally.

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How To Stay Safe In Sports Bar In Nana

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There is nothing wrong with having a good time in your favourite sports bar in Nana and have a few drinks or two while watching your favourite game show. However, with an excited crowd and the availability of drinks in the bar, you become prone to brawls and drunken customers. You may be able to control yourself but you do not have any control on how others would handle their drinks. Thus, to keep safe while enjoying your night in a sports bar, here are some tips:

Set your alcohol limits

You know exactly the amount of alcohol that you can hold. Before you start drinking, set limits or when you start feeling giddy with alcohol, take a break or stop drinking to prevent yourself from feeling worse. When you are in a crowd and you lose control of yourself, that’s when you become susceptible. It would also be better if you go out with friends so you would have somebody to assist you in case you need one.

Know your drinks

Drinks vary in alcohol content. If you are not sure of the drink’s effect on you or if you are not familiar with the drink, it would be better if you skip it especially if you are in a foreign country or in a sports bar in Nana. The effects of some drinks do not kick in immediately and before you know it, alcohol has already taken hold of your head.

Fill up with food

There is a particular reason why food is offered in bars. Food lowers alcohol absorption in your body especially those that are rich in protein. Also, having food around allows you to take breaks from drinking and it slows down your alcohol consumption.

Have some breaks

When you start feeling the effects of alcohol while in sports bar in Nana, take a break and go to the comfort room, eat or drink water. Drinking water is particularly advisable because it lowers alcohol concentration in your blood and prevent terrible hangovers. You can also get some fresh air outside the bar.

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Topeka Art Gallery Partnered With Local Artists

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A new collaboration was created between five artists from Topeka and the Topeka Zoo animals. This new challenge will test their creative spirits. The resulting crafted artwork will then be displayed at the local art gallery for the First Friday Artwalk for the month of March.

The work of the local artists will feature the animals which they have been partnered with to create a painting. These will then be featured at the NexLynx Gallery of Art located at 123 S.W. 6th. The display will start at 5 AM until 8 Pm on Friday.

According to the President of NexLynx, Lee Ryan, the concept is that the zoo animals will be the one to make the base painting and it is the artist’s task to enhance the painting. They came up with this idea only last year while they were discussing with officials from the zoo. The business of Ryan is active when it comes to supporting the local zoo.

The list of five artists with their partner animals follows below:

– Staci Dawn will be working with Tembo, the African elephant.
– Bob Hayes will be painting with the hissing cockroaches of Madagascar.
– Alexander Lancaster partnered with Tifffany, the gorilla.
– Jessie Logan will be facing the challenge with Patrick, the red-tailed boa.
– Nicole Maddox is painting with Rojo, the Sumatran tiger.

Ryan shared that the project is quite unique and presented a lot of fun. He was able to witness the painting sessions of the animals except for Tiffany, the gorilla. He was curious about the entire process and said that the artists were really on board with the idea. All of them are excited. What surprises him is that Jessie Logan hates snake yet she chose to have the boa. When the painting was done, they clean the snake and let her hold him.

Ryan shared that once the painting was finished, they put a local printing company in charge of taking photos. These photos will be given to the zoo and they can do whatever they want with it including photo canvas prints projects. The paintings, on the other hand, were framed and will be sold at an auction.

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Enjoying Free Energy Through Tesla Powerwall

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Imagine yourself owning your own power station. Imagine supplying all the energy that your household need – from the kitchen to the bedroom – without power interruptions or even major blackouts. Just imagine. Is it impossible? To some, maybe yes. But for you, let’s make it possible.

One of the trending issues nowadays around the world is the use of solar energy as the main source of energy. With the rapid increase of innovations and technologies nowadays, it might be better to resort to some natural ways when it comes to energy consumption.

Have you noticed that your electric consumption has been increasing every month? Well, that may be the result of having a lot of technological equipment in your house. With the emergence of new technologies, many problems also arise. For example, we do not notice yet but our use of some technology actually harms the environment. In order to address these issues, the government is now doing its best to use alternatives such as using solar energy rather than continuously using the energy supplied by electric companies.

In Brisbane, Australia, Tesla Powerwall, an equipment used for harvesting solar energy and storing it into batteries, is now introduced to the market. These Tesla Powerwall in Brisbane is now becoming a trending topic for its usefulness especially during power interruptions and major blackouts. So how does this work? First, solar panels are being installed on the roof of your house. The panels will, of course, harvest solar energy from the sun. Using these panels, the energy will flow to wires connected to it and will be stored in the Tesla Batteries inside your house. This will give you more than enough energy to use during the night (when there is no sun) and during inclement weather.

Though the cost of installation for this kind of equipment can be quite costly at first, you will prove that it is even much cheaper than continuously using energy from electric companies. Think of your bills in the distant future. The energy from the sun is free, and you already have the equipment to harvest it. You will definitely get a better deal through these Tesla Powerwalls.

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Bumrungrad Hopistal Innovating With Digitalization

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Most people travel to Bangkok for the sights, the sounds, the fancy hotels, etc. There are however, some people who have other reasons for traveling. Some stay in a hotel near Bumrungrad hospital not for relaxation, but for medical treatment. They will glad to hear that the hospital is not resting when it comes to providing quality healthcare and medical innovation.

Bumrungrad International Hospital, recognized globally as belonging in the top 10 hospitals in the world when it comes to ensuring its patients receive the best and most innovative medical care they can, serves over 1.1 million patients every year, with international patients accounting for half of that. The Thailand facility has been accredited by the Joint Commission International, and is a privately-owned institution, one of the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. The hospital is considered to be an innovator when comes to medical technology.

In its pursuit of seeking out the latest advancements in medical care, the hospital has partnered up with InterSystems, a Massachusetts information technology company specializing in medical applications for the implementation of the InterSystems TrakCare® and the HealthShare® Health Connect systems. Both of these systems are aimed towards improving patient care and efficiency in the hospital.

The TrakCare system is designed to give the hospital’s staff the information they require for each individual patient whenever necessary via a secure, web-based EMR, or electronic medical record. The system is unified, in that the personnel at Bumrungrad will not have to suffer through multiple system access processes and paperwork, as the system provides a single clinical and patient administration system.

HealthShare Health Connect, meanwhile, is designed to allow the aforementioned TrakCare system to interoperate with non-TrakCare systems present in the hospital’s facility, and to allow for exchange of medical information with other authorized organizations.

Ms. Linda Lisaphanya is the Bumrungrad Hospital’s Managing Director and founder, and she has stated that the aim of the implementations of the system to create a singular record for each patient, all with goal of improving the medical care their patients receive in the hospital. She states that, with access to updated, comprehensive data on their patients, the medical staff can make the best decisions possible. The system will also aid patients with accessing the many services, both local and international, that Bumrungrad offers.

Those travelers staying in a hotel near Bumrungrad hospital, will glad to know that, if they ever need medical treatment, they’ll be in good hands.

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