Reasons To Check Out Luxury Accommodation At Ad Lib Bangkok

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Imagine, you have an exclusive access to unlimited supply of barista-made coffee or tea during stay at a hotel which can be delivered right to your hotel room. This is just one of the many reasons why you should check out luxury accommodation at Ad Lib Bangkok. You see, Ad Lib in Bangkok is considered by hotel experts and reviewers as a hybrid of both boutique and luxury kinds of hotel. It’s a boutique hotel because of its designs. It’s also a luxury because for example, you decided to stay at one of their “Extra Plush” rooms. That will cost you around 4,500 THYYB per night. And that’s quite expensive. But then, the perks you will get will definitely outweigh the hefty price that you are paying for. Aside from basic features such as free WIFI connection while you are in the hotel, the use of baby cot and wheelchair which can be requested upon arrival at the hotel, there are other perks you can enjoy which is why you definitely check out luxury accommodation at Ad Lib Bangkok because you will be proud of yourself that you did.

The free unlimited supply of coffee or tea can be availed by guests who chose to stay at one of those “Extra Plus” rooms at Ad Lib. Aside from that, you can check in at the hotel earlier than the usual check time and then check out at a later time. In case you need to go shopping at Sukhumvit district, the hotel has a shuttle service for “Extra Plush” guests which will take them to Sukhumvit Road. You can also avail BTS ticket per day or the use of a lovely Samsung Galaxy smartphone that comes with a sim card. You just have to pay additional for the use of the phone. The other reasons why you must check out luxury accommodation at Ad Lib Bangkok include the following:

  • You can avail the hotel’ s laundry service for free
  • You can get as many pillow as you want
  • You get to choose to stay at higher floors
  • You can use the hotel’s minibar everyday
  • Natural ingredients for bathroom amenities are readily available for sensitive skin

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Gift-Giving With Charity Donations

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Each individual has a unique personality. It shows in how they stand, they talk, they act. It can be seen in their expressions and in their lifestyle. It can even be displayed via the gifts that they give to their loved ones. You will know that a person cares and considers you special by the gifts they give you. Given this, it is essential that gifts are made and given with heart.

Personalised gifts are perfect examples of how to show their identity in their gifts. People have the option to create or make one according to what they think their loved one will want. They would definitely want to give a gift that the people they care for will love and treasure for all time.

These personalised gifts can be created from scratch by the giver. It can be in different forms, different ways. They can make their own kind of jewelry, their own kind of card with special messages. They can even compose a song, write a poem, or do a dance for their special person. It really doesn’t matter what, it even doesn’t even matter if you’re excellent in the theme of the gift. The important thing is it comes from the heart. However, with busy schedules sometimes there is no time to create and show creativity. Rather, it’s easier to just go to malls, or most likely browse the internet to buy the gifts. There are certain websites that offer personalised gifts for you to choose from. Buy from them and they’ll create it for you.

A notable online gift shop providing personalised gifts for any occasion has been recently noticed and commended and this is the Look At Us Designs company. Their charitable policy has not gone unnoticed by the press and the public. Run by a family, this venture has created a policy which states that for every gift ordered, a portion of the payment will be given to a registered charity of the buyer’s choice worldwide. This is a first in the industry thus people took notice of the endeavor and they were featured in their local paper and one major radio station.

Give this a chance, give gifts that shows personality and if you happen to visit Look At Us Designs, know that a gift is given not just to that special someone but to a charity as well.

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Alternative Options To A Luxury Rehab

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The truth is, getting out from an addiction can be challenging in various aspects. It can be physically taxing, psychologically challenging and of course, there is the financial aspects. However, these challenges should not deter you from getting the help that you need and deserve. If you money would be an issue, forget about luxury rehab where Hollywood celebrities normally get into but look for alternatives where you can save money or even get the treatment for free. Here are some ideas.

Visit sites of support groups     

There are different support groups with websites online that you can contact. There are support groups for addicted to various substances like cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, drugs and other forms of addiction. These support groups value anonymity so you don’t have to worry about disclosing your identity if you are not comfortable to. Aside from getting support from individuals who are going through the same battle as you, these groups offer free treatment programs or they can link you to free treatments on their network.  There are church groups, nonprofit organizations and charities that offer free services to those who want to kick a bad habit.

Review your health insurance policy

Since 2010, insurance policies already provide mental health and substance abuse treatment in their coverage.  While the coverage will not offer services akin to a luxury rehab, at least you won’t have to worry about the charges and fees accrued during the treatment program. Review your insurance policy well because some insurance policies do not cover all the expenses involved in addiction treatment. Consult your insurance company for more information.

Check for financial aids in luxury rehabs

Even if you do not have the money for a luxury rehab, you can still get hold of their services by asking for financial aid or programs provided by select luxury treatment centers. Visit the websites of some luxury rehab and find out if they offer financial aids to those who are in need of help but cannot afford their services. There might be limited slots to this so call them right away for a better chance.

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Platterz Changes Catering Scene By Giving Emphasis To Automation

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Platterz is a new startup based in Toronto. The company acknowledges that there is a stiff competition in the marketplace because of the number of startup and existing companies. There is no shortage of business options for those who are looking to skip a line if they want to order their lunch while there is also an option for food to be delivered in the office. One can say that there is an abundance of food startups and all of them are hoping to become the next successful name in the industry.

The big question is how is Platterz different from any other food startup already on the scene? According to the founders of Platterz, a startup business that has already accumulated about $6.7 million in seed funding, they can be distinguished from the rest because their main target will be automation. The CEO of Platterz, Eran Henig, is also the co-founder of Tradyo which is based in Toronto but then the business was sold to Metroland back in 2014. Platterz came to be after the now president and co-founder of Platterz, Yishay Waxman, met Henig.

Waxman recalled how Eran introduced the idea of food tech to him. He answered how there is a lot of competition when it comes to on-demand consumer services but Eran told him that it is a different story in New York wherein one cannot order properly if they want food inside the office. While there are a number of corporate catering services in the area, none of these businesses have done anything innovative software wise. The problem remains to be the same in terms of the software used.

The company has currently received a number of funding from investors such as Oren Zeev, AltaIR Capita, Ran Makavy, Globalive Capital, Dennis Bennie and Kevin Kimsa. Platterz is currently available only in Toronto as well as Kitchener-Waterloo. Companies can use the software to search through the marketplace consists of a plethora of food vendors. From there they can order depending on their budget, the number of people as well as any specific dietary restrictions.

This software company has changed the scene of corporate catering in New York. Anytime soon, they might be able to expand and bring the software to impact corporate catering in Sydney.

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Easy Ways To Hire Tree Loppers in Perth

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If you have trees around your property, chances are, sooner or later you would need to trim them down and when you do, you would need the services of tree loppers in Perth who can provide good advice and services related to your trees. If you would search through the internet, you can easily find service providers for tree lopping even in your locality. However, your search engine could turn up numerous results. To help you find the right arborist, take a look at the following ideas:

Choose local tree loppers

In order to narrow down your options, indicate your specific location on the search bar if you are going to utilize search engine to find a tree lopper. No matter how specific you are with the area, expect to still get numerous results. Take time to visit different service providers and be specific with the services they offer. Visit at least three or five service providers for easier comparison of services and price. Know more about the company by reading testimonials on their website. You can also validate the information from other online sources around the web.

Ask for referrals

Before you sign in for a service with your preferred tree loppers in Perth, read customer reviews and find out if the company is highly rated by its customers. If you have a friend who recently had their trees pruned, you can ask information from them. There are also forums and discussion boards that you can check to find out if the company delivers high quality service.  Another option is to call the tree lopping company of your choice and ask for the contact numbers of their previous customers as your reference. Call the numbers to find out what the former customers have to say about the arborist.

Ask for cost estimate

If you have the right information regarding the tree loppers in Perth, the next step is to ask for cost estimates to find out how much you are going to spend on the service. Talk to the arborist and find out how they can help you with your issues regarding your trees.

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How To Hire Funeral Directors In Sydney

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Death is inevitable and you never know when you are going to encounter one or when a loved one will be taken by fate away from you. In order to lessen the pain and burden of losing a loved one, plan ahead so you would know exactly what to do when the dreaded day comes. There are numerous funeral directors in Sydney that you can hire to ensure that the entire experience will be less devastating for you and your family. Look for a funeral director while you still have time and while you still do need his service because when death comes along, you might not have the time to pick the right service provider and this could lead to further pain and inconvenience on your part. Here are some tips.

Make a good research

To find reliable funeral directors in Sydney, you can check the internet or the yellow pages for service providers and ideas. If you know of a friend who recently lost a loved one, you can ask recommendations from them. Another excellent source of information is funeral homes. Funeral parlours usually have in-house funeral directors but if they do not have one, ask for referrals from their office.

Get some background information

If you already have viable candidates for funeral directors that you can hire, get as much information on how they deliver service. Check the website of the funeral home to find out what previous clients have to say about the service and if they were satisfied with it. You can also check around the web such as from discussion sites for valuable information related to your target funeral director.

Interview the service provider

Lastly, if you have already spotted the most suitable funeral directors in Sydney based on your research; it’s time to arrange a meeting with them. Pay attention to how professional the funeral director communicates with you and if he has the expertise on the job. Find out the number of years he has been in the business and the rates and services that he specializes on.

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Advantages Of Checking Websites Before Dining In A Restaurant

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Before dining out especially if you are in a foreign country, it would always be a good idea to check on the restaurants that you intend to visit especially those that have websites such as This is particularly recommended if you are working on a budget and you don’t want to waste your money on food that you will not enjoy. To ensure that you will have a pleasurable dining experience, read restaurant reviews and visit the restaurant’s website so you can experience the following advantages:

Determine what’s on the menu

An advantage of checking the website first before going to the restaurant is that you will know the type of food they serve. You might be craving for a Mediterranean food so you walk in to this restaurant only to find out that they exclusively serve Italian cuisine. To be sure check for recommended restaurants around the web and if you see anything that catches your attention, visit the website of that restaurant such as to find out if the dishes they serve are suited to what you fancy for the moment and appropriate for the occasion. Go for a restaurant with high ratings and with wide array of food choices.

Place your table reservation

Another advantage of checking the restaurant’s website is that you can place a table reservation to ensure that you will have one when you arrive at the restaurant. This is particularly important if the place is frequented by customers or if it is peak or tourist season. You can even order your food online so you won’t have to wait for your food when you get to the restaurant.

Order online

People turn to online sources for the convenience it provides. When you visit the restaurant’s website like Monsoon’s, you can easily order online and have it delivered to your hotel room if you do not feel like going out or if you got tired with all the shopping and touring around whole day. Check what you can order online and enjoy your meal at the comforts of your hotel room.

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